Herbal Neurocare

Herbal Neurocare (HNC) is a limited liability company (S.R.L.), innovative start-up, founded by Professor Tullio Scrimali, psychiatrist, neuroscientist, researcher and expert in therapeutic cannabis (tullioscrimali.it).
In Enna, Scrimali set up and directs Cannabis Medica Aleteia (cannabismedicaaleteia.it)

Herbal Naurocare and Ethics

Herbal Neurocare aims to operate in accordance with the vision of an ethical company, respectful of its customers but also of its staff and the environment (men, women and LGBT people are given equal respect and consideration when recruiting staff).

Herbal Neurocare commercial activities

Herbal Neurocare’s business activities currently consist of the mail order sale of NegEnt Aromatherapy, a non-medicinal cannabidiol based aromatherapy product. From the point of view of the regulation of light cannabis, NegEnt Aromaterapico can be defined as a technical, non-edible cannabidiol-based product for free sale.

The cannabidiol contained in NegEnt Aromaterapico is derived from so called ‘light’ hemp. Its derivatives, such as NegEnt Aromatherapy, are marketed on the basis of Italian Law 242 of 2016 and the Supreme Court, Division VI judgement of 29 November 2018 (filed on 31 January 2019), number 4920.