NegEnt Aromatherapy

NegEnt Aromatherapy is a product for Aromatherapy, based on cannabidiol, obtained from dried inflorescences of light cannabis, made water-soluble by nanotechnological methods.

Aromatherapy involves the use of plant-based aromatic substances such as cannabidiol (CBD), which are introduced into the body through inhalation and or deposition on the skin or mucous membranes (Price, Price, 2012).

Cannabidiol, obtained from inflorescences of cannabis sativa light, is a substance officially used in Aromatherapy, as can be seen in the international literature (Peace Rhind, 2012; Scrimali, 2020).

NegEnt Aromatherapy comes in dropper bottles with 5, 10 and 20 ml of 20% CBD solution. One drop of NegEnt Aromatherapy contains 10 mg of CBD.

Making the CBD contained in NegEnt water-soluble by means of advanced nanotechnology makes NegEnt Aromatherapy usable in many different ways.

For example, you can dissolve five drops in about 100 centilitres of water and use the resulting solution in electronically operated room diffusers. The solution prepared in this way can be sprayed, adjusting the vaporizer accordingly, for an activity of one or two hours.

Vapouring NegEnt with an ambient aromatherapy device, such as the Decdeal 500 ml, can be useful during intellectual work hours at your desk, in your study, or at night in your bedroom.

Careful experimental research has shown that CBD inhaled through room vaporizers significantly alters the condition of the brain and peripheral nervous system, inducing calm, mental acuity and, at night, promoting deep, restful sleep (Gulluni, Re, Loiacono et Al. 2018).

A few people who have used NegEnt orally have complained of some discomfort due to its bitter aftertaste, which in some impressionable and uncomplimentary individuals remains in the mouth for a long time, annoying them and leading them to resist using the product (they are almost always anxious individuals with a tendency to compulsive body-scanning). In these individuals, vaporisation can be optimal, especially during the night in the bedroom, but also during the day in living areas. In this case, it may be useful to add a couple of drops of lavender oil to the liquid to be sprayed. It has been scientifically proven that the use of substances with a pleasant aroma makes aromatherapy more effective beyond the specific action of the various molecules on the human body.

NegEnt, vaporised using an aroma diffuser or an aerosol dispenser, does not in itself possess any significant aromatic notes, neither pleasant nor negative. In the background it is almost odourless. Herbal Neurocare’s laboratories also tested the possibility of taking NegEnt by vaporizing it using a device fitted with a mask such as the Laica MD6026, which can be used with adults and children.

Thus, in about 10 minutes, you can inhale 30 mg of water-soluble CBD contained in three drops of NegEnt and achieve the desired beneficial effects in a short period of time.

NegEnt drops can also be placed directly on the oral mucosa, in the sublingual area, refraining from swallowing the preparation, which is not currently offered as edible due to purely bureaucratic constraints. It should be noted, however, that although NegEnt is not yet recognised as edible under current legislation, it may soon be recognised as a good food supplement and will be offered to the public as such as soon as registration procedures with the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) have been finalised. Therefore, even if some traces of the product are accidentally swallowed, this is not a problematic event at all.

The health properties of NegEnt Aromaterapico, a non-medicinal herbal product for Aromatherapy, are attributable to the cannabidiol it contains, a substance declared by the World Health Organisation to be safe and drug-free (World Health Organization, 2017), with important health characteristics:
tranquillising, anti-mycotic, neurotrophic, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant (Parker, 2017).

NegEnt Aromatherapy, placed on free sale, as a technical item, for a light cannabis derivative (Lombardi 2019), is a safe, entirely plant-based product.
Its current composition is as follows:

  • CBD (20 %) is obtained from industrial (light) Cannabis Sativa through distillation methods in supercritical CO2. Water solubility is achieved by an ultrasonic emulsification method.
  • NegEnt Aromatherapy contains MCT coconut oil (20-30%)
  • Saponaria extracts (10-15%)
  • Purified water (40-50%)

The producer (currently CBD Oil Europe) guarantees the absence of any contaminants from the cultivation oflight cannabis, carried out in a controlled environment, without the use of pesticides, in soil free of heavy metals.

The preparation of NegEnt Aromatherapy is guaranteed by CBD Oil Europe according to high quality standards, compliant with European industry regulations, such as: Quality Assurance and Good Manufacturing Practice – ISO 9001, ISO 22716-2007 – GMP Certified CBD Oil.

Below is a detailed analysis of the product by independent laboratories in the Netherlands, by the manufacturer and in Sicily by Herbal Neurocare

From a marketing and regulatory perspective, NegEnt Aromatherapy falls within the scope of technical, cannabidiol-based products and is offered to consumers via e-commerce as a non-edible (i.e. not to be ingested!) aromatherapy product.

Particular care is taken in the management of Herbal Neurocare to respect the environment and human resources. The company constitutes an ethical, digital and sustainable company (limited liability company and innovative start-up) in accordance with the paradigms of ecological, environmentally friendly, local and global development. It values female employment (majority of employees) and recruits its staff without any preclusion or exclusion, including those related to gender identity and orientation (Azienda Arcobaleno). Herbal Neurocare also aims to promote the inclusion and integration of disabled workers and refugees in the team.

NegEnt Aromatherapy is prepared on behalf of Herbal Neurocare in the Netherlands by CBD Oil Europe, Voltaweg 11D 4382 NG Vlissingen, The Netherlands.

NegEnt was developed and is marketed worldwide via e-commerce by Herbal Neurocare, Via Dante n.1 (94100) Enna.



NegEnt Aromatherapy is proposed, from the point of view of commercial policy and regulations, as a non-edible, CBD-based technical product for free sale for Aromatherapy. NegEnt Aromatherapy therefore does not constitute:

A drug or medicine (industrial or galenic)

A medical-surgical device

A nutraceutical

A food supplement

A food product

A medicinal herbal product

NegEnt Aromaterapico is sold without any specific authorisation and therefore without any therapeutic indication, but exclusively for the health purposes recognised for cannabidiol in international literature. Therefore, the therapeutic indications and all other medical information provided in this data sheet refer to cannabidiol and the international literature on this product and not to NegEnt.

Italian Law 242 of 2016, which came into force in January of the following year, states that the sale of technical, light cannabis products is legal (Lombardi 2019).

In particular, it is possible to offer for sale and purchase all hemp-based products whose THC content does not exceed 0.6 percent.

NegEnt Aromatherapy does not contain any THC, as it is prepared from pure CBD, obtained by distillation using supercritical CO2. The product can therefore be described as THC free!

Instructions for Use

Drops of NegEnt should be placed on the buccal mucosa, just below the tongue. Wait one minute (mentally count to 50!) before swallowing. The effects of CBD are felt within thirty minutes of intake and reach their peak in about an hour. After a couple of minutes, after the deposition of NegEnt on the oral mucosa, the mouth can be rinsed and gargled, and the washing-up liquid can be spat out. It is possible to counteract the slightly sour and bitter aftertaste of NegEnt by taking mints or, better still, pure, sugar- free liquorice (such as Saila).

Average dosage: Three drops, twice a day.

If you would like to obtain a specialist consultation on the use of therapeutic cannabis and cannabidiol, which can also be carried out online with Professor Tullio Scrimali, please visit the page on this site, NegEnt Medical Care.

Warnings, Side Effects and Adverse Reactions

Avoid taking NegEnt during pregnancy and lactation.
No side effects or adverse reactions have ever been reported following the administration of cannabidiol, either acutely, up to 50 drops (500 mg CBD), or over prolonged periods (six drops a day for two years).

NegEnt must therefore be considered a manageable and safe product. NegEnt itself has been taken by volunteers for years without any toxicological problems or intolerance. Liver transaminase values have never changed, even after two years of intake!

Preservation methods

Avoid exposing the product to high temperatures. If possible, store the package in the refrigerator (in the vegetable section) or in a cool, ventilated place. NegEnt, in its sealed vial, is guaranteed stable and active for two years from the date of packaging. Once the vial is opened and use has begun, the product becomes sensitive to oxidation when exposed to air. It is therefore best to store it in the refrigerator, with the vial tightly closed and protected from light in its original box. After opening, stability and effectiveness are guaranteed for at least three months.

Trademarks, patents and copyright
Herbal Neurocare, NegEnt and NegEnt for Pets are registered trademarks.

NegEnt is a product whose preparation process has been filed for patent as an industrial product.

All information material is original and protected by international copyright laws. All editorial rights belong to Tullio Scrimali.